Robert Peterson


I started the business, RDC Studios, in March 2015 after having an epiphany at 3a.m. with the image of Fence in my mind.

I have always been surrounded by entrepreneurial activity from a young age, with my mother, Karen Paterson, being a successful entrepreneur. This experience encouraged me to be both enterprising and entrepreneurial. At the age of 14, I set up my first business with a friend, who now works for RDC.

RDC Studios has both a high quality image and high corporate values, producing high quality games and software. RDC is a socially responsible and ethical organization, which is committed to providing a percentage of its profits to charities chosen by consumers. We feel that the integral values of RDC Studios differentiate us from our potential competitors.

RDC aims to continually create simple, fun and addictive games. This will appeal to a vast audience, allowing a wide range of people to enjoy the games. My aim is to make RDC Studios a company which is recognized worldwide for making fun, addictive and highly popular games.

Robert Paterson  |  CEO, RDC Studios